Third Party Work Enquiries

To gain access to the third party works form please contact

The form is to be used by any entity who wishes to access Transport for NSW land managed by John Holland Rail for any reason, or is intending to carry out any construction or development work near or adjacent to Transport for NSW land. Approval in Principle is required for major works e.g. new bridges and track realignments.

Further Information:

Application Fee

Upon receipt of your application form, John Holland will advise you of the applicable application and or annual fee and your reference number. Please note - evidence of payment is required prior to final consent being issued.

License Arrangements

Upon approval of any works or access, applicants are required to enter into a licence with Transport for NSW (unless a pre-existing agreement is in place). Please note that any amendments requested to the standard licence terms will incur legal fees. A draft copy of the licence can be provided if required.

Insurance Requirements

The required level of cover for Public Liability is as follows:
  • $250,000,000 for operational passenger lines
  • $50,000,000 for operational freight lines
  • $20,000,000 for non-operational lines
Insurance certificate must 'Name' Transport for NSW and John Holland Rail Pty Ltd (not 'Note' or 'Interested Party'). 'Naming' is also known as 'Jointly Insured' or 'Additionally Insured.'
The required level of cover for Professional Indemnity is:
  • $20,000,000