TOA Enhancements as at 15 July 2013

The Infrastructure and Network Operations Teams have worked closely together on a range of activities aimed at addressing problem areas associated with work on track rules.

Network Rules Enhancements

The JHR Safeworking Consultative Group has developed a revised TOA Network Rule aimed at reducing risk.

Network Operations has also implemented a Lookout Working sign on and off checklist that embodies aspects of the Lookout Network Rule such as, seeking assurance that the minimum warning time can be met, the method of working is appropriate for the task, two hour maximum time is observed etc.

Enhancements to the JHR TOA Network Rule & Procedure are:


A second TOA may only be authorised for a fixed worksite and must not include associated rail traffic.


Protection Officers must manage associated rail traffic in accordance with CNWT 314 Work Trains and CNPR 710 Piloting Rail Traffic.


If multiple worksites are more than 500m apart within a single TOA, each worksite must:


- be recorded within the Worksite Protection Plan, and


- not include associated rail traffic.


A TOA must not be authorised for multiple worksites following a unidirectional rail traffic movement.


All worksites must be protected in train order territory.

A briefing has been provided to all operator representatives and JHR staff to ensure that there is a consistent approach to, and understanding of, these changes.

A copy of the briefing and a flyer which summarises the changes is available for download from this site.

A summary of the changes is available in JHR CRN Safe Notice 0018-13 - JHR implementation of enhanced TOA Rule for the CRN JHR Implement ANRP aligned Network Rules & Procedures on the CRN from 30th September 2012

From 0001 hours Sunday, 30 September John Holland implemented Australian National Rules Project (ANRP) aligned amendments developed by RailCorp to the Network Rules and Network Procedures on the Country Regional Network.