Introduction to Electronic Train Order

Since JHR started managing the Country Regional Network, JHR has rolled out Train Order working (TOW) across the CRN completely removing Token Working in 2012.

Although these systems have been proven over time to be very safe, in the current operating environment these systems are also proving to be very inefficient, with trains required to stop regularly for safeworking purposes.

JHR are commencing the introduction of Electronic Train Orders. The project will deliver enhancements to the operational and safety systems in the 14/15 financial year. The Electronic Train Orders will capitalise on the capabilities of In Cab Equipment (ICE), currently used by trains working on the CRN and the opportunities to integrate with the Train Management Control Systems (TMCS). 

These operational enhancements to existing systems will add value to JHR CRN customers, by harnessing the power of the TMCS, supporting potential safety and safeworking improvements and permitting the next phase of TMCS future developments.